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Carpentry / Furniture Repair Services

Carpentry Services

Carpentry / Furniture Repair Services

We can repair all your wood furniture such as sofa, bedframe, table, chair, cabinet, door and all kinds of furniture.

A few of the typical repair work we can finish are:
– Joint repair work
– Broken legs and frame repairs
– Fracture repair work
– Chip repair work
– Rattan replacement
– Veneer repair work
– Webbing and spring replacement

Cabinet Repair 

Cabinets are the core of bathroom and kitchens, necessary to both the form and function of these spaces. They provide critical storage and are the major contributors to design and charm.

Fixing Cabinet Surfaces

Small chips and nicks in wood cabinets can be filled with plastic wood filler, sold in colors to match most wood discolorations. If the damage is to a location thats prominently visible, it may be hard to do a smooth repair work. Test blending and color matching in an unseen area before trying a repair work where visible.When touching-up a broken or scraped cabinet, the trick is to match the color. If you use the makers original paint or stain colors, which you may be able to discover from a local distributor or cabinet seller, be aware that the surface might have faded in time.You may have to paint a whole surface, starting and ending at a cabinet edge, since area touch-ups are more apparent on stained cabinets, such as near cooking locations impacted by heat and airborne grease and soot.If wood cabinets are cracked or divided, gluing and securing can make the repair. Deep gouges and irreversible repairs can take a bit more effort:

  1. Use a fine-toothed saw to cut away the damaged area, making smooth, straight cuts. Then cut a slightly large replacement piece of the same material and fasten it with glue and, if required, little finishing nails or countersunk screws. Sand the repair with fine sandpaper and then stain or paint to match the original.
  2. If you’re dealing with a deep gouge, clean away the harmed wood then fill the area with an epoxy wood repair kit. Epoxy filler is waterproof so it can be used where the initial wood damage was triggered by damp conditions.

Repairing Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors that get a lot of use can, in time, head out of change for a variety of reasons. If your cabinet doors sag, swing, or shut badly, take the following actions:Simple hinge modifications are simple to make, and lots of cabinets have hinges that permit you to make micro-adjustments in any instructions.For plain hinges, loosen up the mounting screws simply enough so that the hinges can move but not a lot that the door sags. Prop up the door so that it is square with the cabinet opening, using shims if essential, and then re-tighten the screws.Another kind of hinge has a moving bar with a set-screw for horizontal adjustments and a separate set-screw for vertical changes. The latest hinges have snap-on installing plates that enable you to adjust both height and depth.

Adjusting Cabinet Doors

1.Tighten the hinge installing screws. If this only helps for a while, or the holes are so worn that the screws no longer hold, get rid of the screws one at a time, squirt a little white glue into each hole, and then insert toothpicks into the holes.

2.Replace the hinge screws with longer or bigger screws. This generally requires drilling much deeper pilot holes, which might not be possible with some cabinets, or using bigger size screws, which might not fit the hinges along with the originals. For these reasons, provide this option mindful factor to consider.

cabinet repair
table and chair repair 2

Table & Chair Repair

The LS Handyman has been repairing chair in Singapore and all the cities. From simple issues like replacement castors and gas struts though to re-upholstery whether it’s one chair or  in bulk. We also specialize in timber and cane repairs. We are capable of doing sheet and hand cane, we can also convert hand cane to sheet cane. All stained to match original colour. Besides being one of the leading chair repair specialists in Singapore, we also provide a range of ergonomic office chairs, meeting chairs, boardroom chairs, starting from fully ergonomic typist chairs to quality leather,executive chairs at highly competitive rates in the market.

Wardrobe Repair

LS Handyman Singapore provided onsite survey for your home or office. For pieces without mirror damage, wardrobe repairs are more economical to repair than to replace, so let Furniture Mend help you save time and money. Throwing away a wardrobe can take up a lot of time, whilst buying a new wardrobe can prove to be costly whilst. It can also be hard to find an item that does not conflict with your existing decor. So choose repairs for a hassle-free solution.

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