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Painting Services

Painting Services

Have you ever wanted to re-paint your home? Or are you looking for new colours within your rooms? If so, we can help you. At LS Handyman Singapore we offer high quality painting services for both the inside and outside of your home. We understand that painting the house is something that a great number of people would like to do, however more often that not do not have the time. Our experience has shown that even when someone has the time, they often lack the required skillset to ensure a high-quality house paint. We offer a range of home painting services, all tailor made to ensure we meet your exact demands. Our house painting services cover a range of painting needs, both inside and outside your home.

We offer a wall painting service for customers who would only like a single wall painted. This could be for anything from a design or pattern on a wall, to a wall designed for a new-born or young child in their room. We work alongside you to create a design and choose a colour that best suits your room and your preferences. Once we have agreed on a particular colour then we will begin the painting for you. These projects can often take a few days as the paint needs to dry and often, we use multiple coats.

These services are also available for customers who would like an entire room painted. Our highly skilled staff will help you to decide on a paint that best suits your room. Once we have done this, we will remove all of the contents from your room and place a plastic floor down to protect your current flooring, whether that be carpet or wood it does not matter. We will then begin the paint work within the room, ensuring that the whole wall is evenly coated with the colour of your choice. Once the room is complete, we will move your possessions back into your room for you and leave it how we found it.

The last service we provide is whole house painting. This can involve painting the entire exterior of your house being painted with a colour of your choice, or just a particular part of the house you would like to paint. We will evenly coat your exterior with your chosen colour, leaving your house the way you have always wanted to look.

Throughout all of these services we make sure to work in a safe and effective environment. We ensure that all of your possessions around and outside the house are taken complete care of so that we can effectively get the job done. If you have any questions of queries regarding our painting services, or would like to make an order, then please contact us directly via our email address or contact number. We look forward to working with you and making a change to your house!

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