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At LS Handyman Singapore we understand that you often have very busy days, in which more often than not, time is not on your side. During these busy days, we know that pesky tasks both around the house and in your life can build up, leaving you feeling stressed and with little to no time to sort them. This is where we can help. We offer a range of handyman services, all of which are designed with the objective of bringing a sense of ease to your life. We can help with generic tasks within the house through the use of our skilled handyman. For example, we can help you fix cabinets, damaged sinks, damaged shelves and a range of other tasks around the house that build up.

Additionally, at LS Handyman Singapore we also provide a painting service. We pride ourselves on our ability to both paint and decorate your household to ensure it looks the way you want and the best it can be. We want you to feel happy in your house as well as proud to show it off to your friends and with our help, we believe you can. Our highly skilled team will work directly with you, whether you are at home at the time, or you are out at work or doing a personal task.

We work efficiently around the clock to install all of the home improvements that you require. Our skills are not fixed to only repairing either. We also help to enhance the look of your home. We can install new furniture into your house and construct it for you when required. Whether you are in need of a new bedside table, new kitchen shelf or installment of a radiator, our highly skilled team can help.

Our business operates around the clock to ensure that we can be on time to help you with any task that requires our attention and aid. We work effectively throughout all of our tasks and ensure only the highest quality jobs. One benefit of our service, is that we pride ourselves on our ability to complete your tasks within a small frame of time.

We can get to you and get the job done faster than any other companies on the market. Additionally, we will not charge you an extortionate price for our services. Many other companies will come to help within 24 hours’ notice; however, this is for a large fee. We understand that you may have not the money for this, nor the time for the repair itself, which is why we will attend to your tasks within a short period of time, with no extra fee involved.

Please feel free to contact us directly via our email or our contact number. We will help to answer any questions of queries that you may have, as well as provide any advice that you seek. Contact today and have your household troubles sorted. We look forward to working with you!

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Team Members

We’re a group of passionate Handyman, Plumber, Electrician, Painter helping you to maintain your home.

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Wei De

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Wei Zhong, Electrician Singapore

Wei Zhong

Handyman + Electrician
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Wei Lun

Ah Hor, Plumber services

Ah Hor

Handyman + Plumber
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Handyman + Carpenter
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Michael best electrician in singapore


Handyman + Electrician

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