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Furniture Assembly, BedFrame & Wardrobe Dismantle & Disposal Service

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly, Dismantle & Disposal Service

At LS Handyman Singapore, we offer a furniture assembly service to help you with the construction of your interior. We understand that the interior of your house can be extremely important and without the correct set up, can result in disaster. We offer a range of IKEA furniture assembly services, in order to make the construction of your furniture as smooth and simple as possible. Our furniture assembly service consists of a range of tasks that we believe will help you to assemble the furniture.

Firstly, we will open up your furniture boxes as quickly as possible. We do this for a range of reasons. Firstly, we believe that by opening them quickly, we can assemble all of the pieces together both quickly and efficiently to get the task at hand completed. Through our experience, we have also noticed that it is not uncommon for boxes to miss small pieces of the furniture such as a screw or bolt. By opening the box quickly, we can replace any missing parts which will ensure that the overall IKEA assembly service will be as smooth as possible.

After we have opened your boxes, we will wok out what tools will be required for the job at hand. Each piece of furniture will often need a different tool or in some cases multiple. We like to be prepared for our jobs, by understanding what tools we need before we begin the work. This allows for our jobs to be both efficient and smooth throughout the entire assembly service.

We also lay emphasis on the location in which you would like us to begin our work. Years of experience has shown that it is best to complete the assembly in the location that you want a particular piece of furniture. This allows for the task to be completed quickly, and also prevents our team from carrying heavy furniture around your house and creating problems. For example, during a bedroom furniture set up, it is not efficient for us to put a bed together downstairs and then take it upstairs to be placed in the room. It would be both faster and more efficient to construct the bedroom furniture within the bedroom itself and then once the job is complete, there will be no need for unnecessary moving.

Throughout all of our jobs, we also take into consideration the area in your home. During our assembly, we make sure to cover the surface area of your floors and carpets to prevent any damage to your property. We will also make sure to consider the other furniture within your house during our assembly, only moving things once we have been given permission to do so. If you would like everything to stay as it is, then we will ensure that no changes will be made at all.

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