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Window Repair & Installation

Window Repair Singapore

A broken window can be a serious issue. Something minor such as a loose or stiff screw can easily become a larger problem if left unchecked. We advise that you always resolve any issues with your windows as soon as they are spotted to prevent any issues from getting worse. From our experience, we have found that the most common issues regarding windows are stiff hinges. Through different weathers, windows can become damaged which in turn, results in damage to their hinges. This is something that can easily be sorted through the change of the hinges, however if left for a long period of time, the whole window will need replacing. Our window repair services cover a range of windows, all of which may need different repair services depending on their shape, size and format. Here are the main windows that our repair services cover.

Sliding Windows: Sliding windows are common around Singapore. They are often used in apartments and multiple storey buildings due to their ease of use and lack of space that they take up. Any issues regarding these windows are usually based around them either becoming extremely stiff, or not opening or closing correctly. After just one quick look, our highly skilled staff will be able to examine the issue with your sliding window and provide you with a quick and simple solution to how we can resolve your issue.

Aluminium windows: Aluminium windows are not as popular in Singapore due to our hot climate; however, we can still resolve any issues that you have with them. Whether your issue is something minor such as stiffness while opening and closing your window, or the window has broken entirely, our staff will work directly with you to solve any issues that you may have.

Glass windows: These windows are often larger than your everyday window, covering more space within the house. They involve high maintenance as they must be cleaned on a regular basis. If you have any issues regarding your glass windows and we will be with you at the most convenient time possible. Whether you have a dent in your window or issues with the glass itself we can help you.

Kitchen windows: Over our years of operating, experience has shown that kitchen windows often need repairing more than any other windows in the house. Due to their proximity to kitchen utensils and use throughout the day, issues can quickly occur. Whether these issues involve opening and closing the window, or the window itself has been damaged by accident we can help you. Our staff will quickly identify the issue and resolve it at the most convenient time possible for you.

All of our window repair services are of the highest quality and we aim to have them complete after only a single visit. we are reliable window reopair contractor for HDB, Condo, Office and all properties, If you have any questions or queries, please contact us directly via our email or telephone number. We hope that we can help!

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